Kate Beckinsale 2

Kate Beckinsale (born 26 July 1973-English actress) is a born actress having inherited her acting talents from her parents, the comedic British actor Richard Beckinsale and British television star Judy Loe. Kate wowed the British theater fans and American art house film lovers with her sizzling performances in several movies. Her performance in 'Much Ado About Nothing' gave her the much needed recognition in the world of cinema.

She then landed several films like 'Shooting Fish' in which she played the role of a reluctant assistant to two conmen; and a nurse torn between the love of two lieutenants in 'Pearl Harbor', and played the sexy-looking vampire in 'Underworld' trilogy series of movies. All her performances received critical acclaim. Kate Beckinsale, at 36, still has a long career ahead of her. Her charming looks, graceful demeanor and her exuberating sensuality will continue to cast a spell on the millions of moviegoers across the globe.
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